Banff to Lake Louise

From Banff to Lake Louise - the Six Ride Out!

Breakfast is rightly considered the most important meal of the day. At Best Western Sidings 29 in Banff, Alberta they have the ‘pick up and go’ variety of breakfast. I don’t know about you but this sort of breakfast tends to leave me feeling a tad dissatisfied.

My notes show that I answered a few emails and sent a few messages home. I also tried to send a message for Frithelm and Edeltraut but my notes show that this may not have been successful.

Breakfast done we entered the garage parking to recover the bikes from their secure overnight location. We each loaded up our machines and then got fuelled so that we all started the first leg with full tanks.

The initial 36 mile stretch to Lake Louise was covered at a leisurely pace.  Described as Canada’s ‘Diamond in the Wilderness’ and the ‘Hiking Capital of Canada’ Lake Louise is breathtaking. We parked the bikes and hiked up our riding breeches to stroll up to the barrier that keeps people out the lake when it’s not frozen. Off to the right there is a huge hotel, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, where no doubt people come to stay and absorb the beauty of the view. We witnessed the lake filled with water presumably from last season’s snow melt? In June it is hard to imagine it frozen solid. The lake nestles at the foot of some spectacular mountains with Fairview Mountain off to the left and Devil’s Thumb to the right. Dead centre is probably Mount Victoria North Peak with Collier Peak alongside it.

Stops like this always afford us a great photo opportunity. I think that I took a Panasonic digital video camera as well as my Canon Ixus digital camera with us. I forgot to pack the battery charger for the Ixus  and paid the price when later I tried to retrieve stills from the video camera 🙁


What a way to enjoy the lake and the views? Canoeing Lake Louise
The iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel is located in Alberta's Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Skating on Lake Louise

Looking back at my notes I can see that I had a mutter about the numbers of tourists – like us? – who had stopped to admire the views. At the time I spoke of the hotel being fabulous and expensive for the very rich and for those with huge credit card debt. Perhaps I should have asked about the cost to stay there – an enquiry for April 2017 for two nights comes up at $208 to $222 per night for a double room with no meals, prices do not include taxes of 11.18% and a CAD$15 per night service charge. It is starting to add up close to $280 per night! Anybody fancy a burger?

Whilst we were there we took a lot of photos, topped ourselves up with a breakfast roll and coffee before heading off again.