Brigitte L’Escargot 2013

Brigitte L’Escargot is the name that Niki and I awarded to our wonderful ‘home on wheels’. Since we bought her in 2012 she has carried us from Wales into England, across to France and down into Spain – twice. Plus we have visited much of Eire. For those who may be interested, our 2013 adventures are recalled here.

Brigitte is what the French call a camping car, and because her chassis was designed by a French company we gave her the name that English men of a certain age will almost always bring to mind when thinking of glamourous French women. Her design and construction are British. She is an example of a series of vehicles built by Autocrusie, of which more later.

2013 – the season.  All is at hand. Flights to collect Brigitte from her over winter storage, near Girona in Spain, have been booked.

We flew from and back to Paphos in 2013, the relatively low fares combined with the connecting flights have allowed us  to explore parts of Spain that we otherwise might never  have seen. Thanks are due to our long suffering friends Graham and Mary, who as well as everything else that they did for us this year, they trekked to Paphos and back to drop us off and to collect us at the end of our travels – if medals were awarded for this kind of thing, these guys would deserve them!

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