Wing World

Wing World is the magazine of GWRRA. The Gold Wing Road Riders Association is probably the largest Gold Wing association in the world. I was introduced to GWRRA and Wing World by Hauke back in 2002. The benefits of membership, having regard to our planned US trip were manifest. Long after that memorable motorcycle adventure …

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Wing Ding 38

Hauke and Petra returned to the US to attend Wing Ding 38 in August of 2016. Of the people that they spoke with, none had heard of ‘MilemakerTour’. Unsurprising since this was the name that the six of us who completed the 2002 tour chose to use. I, with the intention of building our archive, …

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Photograph of a full moon taken using a telephoto lens. Some craters and features of the lunar surface are clearly visible.

Full Moon

In a cycle that lasts twenty eight Earth days our moon appears to wax and to wane. It is of course revolving around our planet as we both, Earth and our moon, revolve around our sun. It is the position that the Earth occupies relative to the sun and to our satellite that gives rise …

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