Jasper to Kamloops

Jasper to Kamloops, in the high country!

A cool, dry, early start saw us breakfast on french toast, taco, sausage, scrambled or poached eggs, toast, cereals, various fruits or yoghurts at The Jasper Inn, all this for just C$10.95.

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Best Western - Jasper Inn, Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Mount Robson Photo by Ralf Dillenburger

Mount Robson is the most prominent mountain in North America’s Rocky Mountain range; it is also the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. The mountain is located entirely within Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia, and is part of the Rainbow Range. Mount Robson is the second highest peak entirely in British Columbia, behind Mount Waddington in the Coast Range. The south face of Mount Robson is clearly visible from the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16), and is commonly photographed along this route.

With the riders fuelled we filled up the bikes before making our way to Mount Robson, the highest point in Canada, some 3954 metres above sea level. Unsurprisingly there is no road to the summit! If you wanted to do that you would have to plan a pretty serious expedition. We parked at a popular view point where people bought post cards and compared the mountain before them to the one on the post card.

I met a couple who hail from Constantine in Cornwall, they know a couple of my former firefighter colleagues Frank Gendall and Mike Perraton.

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The road from Tete Jaune Cache through Valemont became a bit of a hike, it was our first long leg. We eventually stopped at Avola to refuel and whilst there we had an ice cream at the garage. The place was up for sale. I noted that the owner was a miserable man who tried and failed to sell me one of the many 1lb punnets of vacuum sealed ‘Beef jerky’ that he had in his fridge. He didn’t offer a taster so why would I part with C$35 for an untested product that I didn’t come there to buy? #selling101

We are driving along route 5 aka the Southern Yellowhead Highway, following the North Thompson River. Vavenby, Clearwater, Little Fort, Barriere and McLure came and went as we headed on for Kamloops.

Barriere has a volunteer Fire Department, like many a community. They are pinned on google map – they train on a Thursday and according to their website are looking for volunteers. Could you help out?

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Barriere Volunteer Fire Department
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Fire Trucks at Barriere Fire Department
Firefighters at Barriere Fire Department

Just outside of Kamloops we stopped for a picture before making our way to our base for the night, the Alpine Motel in Hugh Allen Drive.

We ate dinner at The Brass Kettle and I noted that I had burger and fries which were ‘adequate and well served’. Checking out The Brass Kettle in 2017 I find myself questioning why we ended  up there! On our walk back via a local store we bought soft drinks and watched ‘prairie dogs’ running around in a builder’s yard.

We sat on the patio chatting after giving the bikes a perfunctory clean. Jez phoned home and we all headed for bed at 2200.