Brigitte L’Escargot 2014

Family and friends will know that Brigitte L’Escargot is the name that Niki and I awarded to our wonderful ‘home on wheels’. Since we bought her in 2012 she has carried us from Wales into England, across to France and down into Spain – twice. Plus we have visited much of Eire. For those who may be interested, these adventures will be recalled in greater detail elsewhere.

Brigitte is a  Peugeot based Autocruise Starblazer motorhome. The design incorporates a permanent double bed (this is something that I made a red line during our selection process). Having had caravans when my children were younger I recall only too well the tedium of making and stowing away beds on a daily basis.

Brigitte is, rather like me, getting on in years. She though wears her age with style, always providing I spend time at the start of the touring season, washing her down and waxing up her metal, plastic and fibreglass exterior.

2014 – the season is almost upon us. Indeed were it not for my ‘operation’ we would likely be away any day now. As it is my convalescence requires that I do not fly for at least a further four weeks. All is at hand. Flights to collect Brigitte from her over winter storage, near Girona in Spain, have been booked. Sadly Ryanair have ceased to provide a route from Cyprus to Girona.

We enjoyed three flights with this discount airline. We flew back to Larnaca in 2012 and flew from and back to Paphos in 2013. When I say enjoyed, I’m thinking of the low fares combined with the opportunity to explore parts of Spain that we otherwise might never  have seen.

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