Proposed Itinerary


How we did more MILES in three days than the previous OWNER did in EIGHT years

DateRouteDaily MilesCumulative Miles
Wednesday 19 June 2002
Thursday 20 June 2002Flights to Calgary00
Friday 21 June 2002Prep & familiarisation00
Saturday 22 June 2002Calgary to Banff7878
Sunday 23 June 2002Banff>Lake Louise>Jasper178256
Monday 24 June 2002
Jasper> Mt Robson> Valemount> Clearwater> Kamloops279535
Tuesday 25 June 2002Kamloops> Cache Creek> Summit Pass> Horseshoe Bay241776
Wednesday 26 June 2002Horseshoe Bay> Earis Cove> Powell River> Little River115891
Thursday 27 June 2002Little River> Tofino> Nanaimo2591150
Friday 28 June 2002Nanaimo> Victoria> Swartzbay821232
Saturday 29 June 2002Swartzbay> Port Angeles> Edmonds> Wenatchee2451477
Sunday 30 June 2002Wenatchee> Wilbur> Newport> Sandpoint2351712
Monday 1 July 2002Sandpoint> Kalispell> Browning2681980
Tuesday 2 July 2002Browning> Big Fork> Highway 83> Missoula2382218
Wednesday 3 July 2002Missoula 'Wash Day'02218
Thursday 4 July 2002Missoula> Butte> Virginia City> West Yellowstone2592477
Friday 5 July 2002Exploring Yellowstone National Park02477
Saturday 6 July 2002Yellowstone> Grand Teton> Lander> Rawlins3392816
Sunday 7 July 2002 Rawlins> Walde> Estes Park> Boulder2053021
Monday 8 July 2002Boulder> Aspen> Gunnison> Montrose2663287
Tuesday 9 July 2002Montrose> Durango> Mesa Verde> Cortez1783465
Wednesday 10 July 2002Cortez> Kayenta> Cameron> Grand Canyon2693734
Thursday 11 July 2002 Grand Canyon> Flagstaff> Kingman> Las Vegas2904024
Friday 12 July 2002Las Vegas 'Casino Day'00
Saturday 13 July 2002Las Vegas> Kingman> Flagstaff> Holbrook3374361
Sunday 14 July 2002 Holbrook> Albuquerque> Tucumcari4074768
Monday 15 July 2002 Tucumcari> Amarillo> Wichita Falls> Bowie3825150
Tuesday 16 July 2002Bowie> Fort Worth> Dallas> Houston3385488
Wednesday 17 July 2002Houston 'We did it party'05488
Thursday 18 July 2002

Miles Driven
Burgers Eaten
Litres of Fuel