Volunteers need work

This is the third year during which we have accepted volunteers into our home to help us improve and ready the place for our summer visitors.

Our first volunteer of 2016, Trent, arrived the day before yesterday. As ever, the arrival of a volunteer has its moments. I was expecting Trent to arrive at the bus stop adjacent to Koulla’s fruitaria on the beach road and so at the appropriate time I drove down there and parked. It wasn’t long after that my phone started to ring, a number that I didn’t recognise, a voice that I did recognise. Trent had been dropped off in our village, he was standing outside the main church in Maroni with his backpack and bags.

The bus driver, in an act of kindness, had dropped our man off in the village where a local person had loaned him their mobile phone so that he could call me to tell me where he was.  Such is the way of things in our rural community. Small acts of friendship that help make the world go around.

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