Wing World

Wing World is the magazine of GWRRA. The Gold Wing Road Riders Association is probably the largest Gold Wing association in the world.

I was introduced to GWRRA and Wing World by Hauke back in 2002. The benefits of membership, having regard to our planned US trip were manifest.

Long after that memorable motorcycle adventure I continued to subscribe to Wing World. There is, for me, a mix of nostalgia on the pages of the mag. Articles about bikes that, in my young days were ‘state of the art’ serve to educate those who arrived long after production ceased,

Stu Oltman – the workshop guy, seemed to know how to solve every problem people chose to write in about.

The development of the ‘web’ as a place to ask questions and find answers has made magazine publishing of any sort increasingly hard. Printing and posting bring costs and lack the immediacy of always on internet.

I rediscover Wing World online in 2018 looking glossier that the old magazine. The images carry more punch and the writing is every bit as good as I remember. 

I’m sounding nostalgic, perhaps I am. I recently sold ‘our’ Gold Wing. I now realise that bike was not mine alone. All the major tours made with her were¬† made in the company of others, my son Jez in 2002 and in 2010 and 2012 with my wife Niki. So yes she was our bike, fondly remembered despite the issues that beset her time on the island of Cyprus (of which more on another day).

The dusty pile of magazines may have gone from my den, but it sure is good to know that the trove of information and photos that they held has been given new life, right here amongst the trillions of other bits and bytes that drive our daily lives.

Wing World – Stu Oltman article, the trigger for this writing, can be found here.

1st draft – February 2018.

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